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Guitar Farm® is an entertaining mix of songs, highlighting some of the best guitarists and musicians in the music industry as well as top local musicians and writers. Guitar Farm is a labor of love created and masterminded by Steve Woolverton. Steve took on this as his dream project with the desire and tenacity to "Make It Happen". Guitar Farm features such artists as Steve Morse, Jeff Watson, Mark McGee and Brad Gillis to name a few!

I wanted the opportunity to put together the amazing talent that has come from the Northern California triangle, from Sacramento to San Jose to Santa Rosa. There must be magic in the water to continually produce such talented musicians in one area.

My favorite songs on Guitar Farm are, "Ferrets" featuring Steve Morse, "Barn Dance" featuring Pat Thrall and "Why Should I", that I co-wrote with Jeff Watson. Guitar Farm became my dream in 2001. I envisioned great tunes with melodic but ripping guitar solos. I began by asking people I knew for contacts for guitarists they thought would consider playing on Guitar Farm. A great pal of mine referred me to Mark McGee and Brad Gillis. I called them and explained my vision, sent them the tunes. They liked the music and said, "YES"! Soon I was given other contacts and Guitar Farm began.

It was odd and bit risky to be creating a guitar tribute CD during 2001 and 2002, which was a time when the music industry did not seem to be guitar friendly. It took me 4 years to complete Guitar Farm due to financial constraints and scheduling as well as the lack of industry backing.

I hope to have the opportunity to take Guitar Farm live, showcasing the best of these musicians. Guitar Farm 2 will be coming soon which will again have incredible musicians lined up.

-- Steve Woolverton
Producer, Guitarist and Songwriter

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